It is with sincere regret we can announce that Professor Andoni Toms will be leaving Colney Radiology Group LLP at the end of July 2017.

The Partnership would like to thank Professor Toms for his invaluable contribution to the group over the past years and we wish him all the very best his future career.




Colney Radiology Group (CRG) in Norwich, Norfolk is pleased to welcome three new Partners to the LLP – Dr Aser Farghal, Dr Rayhaan Rahaman and Dr Victoria Ames.

Dr Farghal joined the LLP in February 2016, Dr Rahaman in May 2016 and Dr Ames in December 2016.

CRG LLP look forward to the exciting contribution Drs Farghal, Rahaman and Ames will make to our partnership in the future.

CRG LLP has appointed a new Chief Executive, Dr John Cahir.  An already established partner within the group we wish Dr Cahir well in his new leadership role.

Dr Cahir took over from Dr Stuart Williams who oversaw the running of the partnership until late 2015. The LLP is extremely grateful to Dr Williams for all his hard work and we wish him well in the future although he will of course remain with CRG LLP as a partner.

For more information on this subject please see our section on pricing.

Here at CRG we get a number of queries relating to how a private MRI/CT/Ultrasound or x-ray can be arranged.

In the first instance you will need a referral from a General Practitioner (GP) so your first port of call will be to see your own GP to discuss your clinical requirements.

Once the referral is written it should then be forwarded to one of the private providers in Norwich who will then arrange an appointment time.  NB: Please do not send it to CRG LLP as we are not able to deal directly with patient related referrals.