We can perform annual screening mammograms on women aged between 40 and 50 years. Women can self-refer or request this through their GP. Thereafter, you will be invited every year through our established annual recall programme.

Women over 50 years may wish to be screened on the NHS Breast Screening programme or continue with private screening. Requests for mammograms on women below 40 years should be discussed with our Breast Radiologists.

Please visit the RCR virtual department website’s mammography page for more information about having a mammogram

Symptomatic cases

Symptomatic cases should be referred by a GP or Consultant for mammography and breast ultrasound.

mammogramBreast intervention

The following are performed:

  • Core biopsy/FNA
  • Breast localisation
  • Mammotomes

Sentinal node imaging is performed on all patients suitable for wide local excision.